A range of massages to make you feel relaxed and take away the strains of everyday life.


Aromatic Body Balancer                                                                         £53
45 minute treatment
Pure pleasure and a real must for out of condition
skin. Aromatherapy massage helps absorb the
custom blended oils and creams, which deeply
replenish as they firm, detoxify and relax the body .
 Chill Out Massage                                                                                     £63
(Ladies only) 1 hour treatment
Slow and relaxing massage movements melt tension
in the body and mind leaving you feeling calm and rebalanced.
Wake-up Massage                                                                                      £63
(Ladies only) 1 hour treatment
More stimulating massage movements relieve aching
muscles and leave you feeling fresh and clear headed.
Melting Hot Stone Massage                                                                   £63
1 hour treatment
Choice of Relax or Tonic Body Balm
E D Back Treatment                                                                               £34
25 minute treatment
Back exfoliation followed by a back massage using
Clarins Dynamisante and Clarins relax oil.
Hot Stone Therapy Massage
This unique treatment involves the use of heated stones
and aromatic oils to massage tired aching muscles, plumbing
you into a deep sense of relaxation.
Full Body
(Ladies only) 1 hour treatment                                                            £60
Back and Neck                                                                                                 £40
30 minute treatment
Aromatherapy Massage
(ladies only) 1 hour 10 minute treatment                                    £53
Includes face, body and scalp. Helps to relieve
stress and calm the nervous system using
personally blended essential oils and pressure
point massage.
Full Body Massage
(ladies only) 50 minute treatment                                                  £48
A relaxing massage using the Swedish technique
to ease tension, stress and relax tired muscles.
Back and Neck Massage                                                                         £28
25 minute treatment
a great way to relieve those stresses and strains
of everyday life.
Indian Head Massage                                                                            £32
25 minute treatment
This holistic treatment works over the back,
neck and shoulders paying special attention
to pressure points on the face and scalp.
A great way to relax, unwind and relieve
stress and tension