Specialised Treatments

Our specialised treatments include Perfector Non-Surgical Face lifts and Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion skin exfoliation

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion
(Ladies and Gents)

A gentle skin exfoliation, perfect for all skin types.
Excellent for pore congestion, open pores and acne
scarring. Leaves skin feeling smooth & fresh.
Course of 10 Treatments (£25 each)      £250
Single Treatment                                           £30
Single Treatment (inc mask)                     £45

Face Perfector (Ladies and Gents)

A Non Surgical face lift, reduces lines, lifts facial
muscles and includes a lymphatic drainage programme
for brighter clearer skin.
Course of 12 (£40 each)                                  £480
(usually recommended)
Course of 6 (£45 each)                                    £270
Single Treatment                                              £50


St Tropez Tanning
Full body exfoliation followed by an application
of St Tropez tan for a natural colour.
Full Body                                        £44
Part Body                                       £30

Clarins Tanning

So Natural Self Tanner            £44
A full body exfoliation followed by a pampering massage,
gives skin a gorgeous long lasting glowing colour that looks
as natural in Winter as it does in Summer


 A permanent method of hair removal using sterile disposable needles.

MINIMUM CHARGE             £15
10 Minutes                                   £20
30 Minutes                                  £38
1 Hour                                            £58